Micro-payment CL- D0309

Item No.: CL- D0309
Application: Supermarket, gas station, kiosk, store, theater, loyalty on all fast payments fields Government, institution, company, factory, school, hospital, hotel


Sealed, dustproof, waterproof, shockproof and anti-electromagnetic interference

Dedicated stable power supply, voltage overload protection

With the most advanced Linux system, high-definition LCD display

Wi-Fi communication + USB data collection, supports remote upgrading

Contactless smart card, read/write capability, backlight display when reading card

Live voice prompts, supports 15 kinds of voice prompts: such as student card, employee card

Supports Mifare1 card, CPU card, supports PBOC3.0 bank standards

With in-built thermal printer, easy loading thermal paper

Great stability of data storage, data kept as long as 10 years even with power outage

Support product article number

Support bardcode scanning


Technical specifications:

Item: tablet POS, non-cash payment for forward-thinking shop owners

Dimensions: 200*151*61.5mm

Material: engineering plastics, anti-static electricity coating design, be protected from high-frequency interference

Display: 2.8-inch LCD display, 320x240

Operating system: Linux 2.6 system

CPU: N32905 processor, ARM9 core at 240MHz

Memory: 32MB SDRAM, 128MB NAND Flash

Data capacity: 259840pcs of detailed data for console storage, unlimited data at GPRS storage

Working voltage: DC 12V

Operating temperature: -25-65°C

Storage temperature: -40-85°C

Humidity: 0-90% RH non-condensing

Pilot lamp: red, green light

Sound prompt: buzzer, single channel speaker (voice report)

Voice report prompt: 16kHz, 16bit single channel voice report prompt

Read card distance: 0-50mm

Supported card: Mifare 1 card, CPU card, UnionPay IC card

Frequency: 13.56MHz

Interfaces/connectors: RS232, USB

Printer modules: with in-built thermal printer

Width of receipt: 58mm

Power consumption:

Static: ≤0.2W

Dynamic: ≤15W

Communication modules: GPRS (900MHz/1800MHz) or CDMA (800MHz)

Wi-Fi: supports 802.11n/b/g standards, 150Mbps, 2.4GHz

UnionPay: compatible for PBOC3.0 UnionPay card

Upgrading: connect USB to PC, upgrade with GPRS

Data retrieval: Wi-Fi, GPRS, USB

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