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VIP/ Loyalty Solution

VIP/ Loyalty Solution

2017/3/24 15:02:20

IC card membership fees system is a widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, membership, entertainment and other places IC card charging management software. Card technology solutions include members of the member management system management system and card management system in the two part of the service, for the amount of consumption by IC card payment, the rapid completion of daily sales checkout deduction etc.. Combined with efficient, accurate inquiries, statistical analysis, so that managers easily accounting, a clear understanding of the sale of goods and cash registers. Member management system and membership card management system, business card membership and membership software applications, to provide a wide range of member marketing services.

Membership management system not only can realize the management and trading, and began a more accurate classification of members, according to the classification of different members to carry out targeted marketing and care, to truly improve member loyalty, create value for the enterprise. The system has the following characteristics:

  • Record user information in detail, and establish your own customer database
  • According to different consumption characteristics of customers personalized marketing, cultivate a large number of brand loyalty
  • Strengthen the interaction between enterprises and members, and always care for customers.
  • To meet more diverse consumer demand.
  • Consumer market first-hand information at any time control.
  • When the amount of the membership card is insufficient, the cash card or other membership card can be made up of the value card system.
  • Membership card consumption can be set password protection, protection of membership and membership card funds security.
  • Membership card management system to support membership card, write off, report, freeze, thaw, change cards, fill cards and other operations.
  • Daily settlement member consumption data, member management system can be daily / month / year / or limited period of time to show member consumption report.
  • Membership card system support staff card, you can count salesperson performance.

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