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Smart city

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Update time : 2017/3/24 15:35:15

"Smart city" is the rapid development of electronic computer technology and the "e-commerce" and "electronic money" means of payment of the growing maturity of the demand. City card card applications solutions combined technology introduced to various industries of city public utilities are unified, adopt consistent payment, convenient public consumption, improve the working efficiency of the operators; in certain areas, residents or tourists to the same IC card to achieve authentication, mobile payment, store all kinds of information and other functions to achieve, "one card in hand, the overall goal of life without". The system can be extended to the bus card charging system, taxi card system, enterprise bus charging system, business card system and campus card system, electronic payment management is mainly used in small city life consumption.

Card technology city card application solutions in urban public utilities have a wide range of applicability, covering the following areas:

  • Public transport charges: bus, subway, light rail, ferry, rental and other charges;
  • Utilities: water, electricity, gas, cable, telecommunications charges;
  • Financial applications: Quancun, consumption, cash, circle;
  • Tourism consumption: instead of tickets, travel points; medical treatment:
  • Treatment: five insurance fees; social security management, medical insurance, pension benefits; oil and gas filling: oil and gas fees, tax management etc..

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