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Parking payment system

Parking payment

2017/3/24 15:03:43

With the general improvement of economic and living standards, the automobile has gradually become an important role in people's life, which has resulted in the explosive growth of car ownership. The emergence of this phenomenon has a direct impact on the traffic situation in the city, so that many cities have to face the problem of "parking difficult". However, the urban land in our country is very scarce. We can not only rely on the construction of a large number of off road parking to alleviate the "parking difficult" problem. This makes roadside parking become an important part of the parking lot. Card technology is based on roadside parking customer demand, and has solved the management problems of roadside parking system with unique flexibility.

Solution advantages

  • Use hand held POS to manage the parking of vehicles;
  • For parking charges, through cash payments, print out the notes and save data;
  • The POS system uses proprietary architectures to prevent attacks on hardware.
  • The operator cannot operate the database directly to prevent stealing or tampering with the transaction data.
  • The terminal comes with an operating system that enables applications to run across hardware platforms.
  • The operating system provides a full set of hardware tests and failure reporting functions that make the system very convenient to maintain.
  • POS in addition to the printer, without any other mechanical operations.
  • Data storage using electronic disk live protection, can be free from virus attacks, its reliability is higher than the ordinary hard several times, greatly improving the reliability and safety of data, the system failure rate is greatly reduced.
  • In the terminal, the operators are classified and managed (for example, operators and system administrators), and personnel at all levels need to be confirmed by credit card before they can carry out the permitted operations, thus effectively preventing unauthorized operations.

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