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Catering consumption
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Catering consumption

2017/3/24 15:33:26

With the rapid development of intelligent technology and the popularization of computer applications, the application of smart cards has been widely accepted in the information management of state organs, schools, enterprises and institutions. Card technology in intelligent payment terminal technology full from a user perspective, the comprehensive economic utility, system safety, advanced technology, reliable work and upgrading and other factors, the implementation of the project the best products to design the intelligent food consumption management system as the core, the integration of the canteen logistics management solutions for users management work more convenient, safer and more efficient operation of funds. The system can be extended to gourmet city charging system solutions, applied to large food city management operations.

Use an IC card instead of the traditional meal ticket, cash, the dining becomes very convenient and sanitary, makes the modern consumption management can be realized. At the same time, intelligent IC card canteen dining (consumption) system has the following advantages:

  • No longer use cash, convenient and safe;
  • To replace the meal ticket, one card to avoid the health problems caused by the rest of the circulation process, but also save the cost of printing job;
  • Strengthen management, can prohibit staff contact the staff meal ticket, put an end to steal money ticket phenomenon;
  • Easy to query, you can get all kinds of reports immediately, save time and effort;
  • The realization of intelligent, automated management, to provide managers with a variety of information;
  • Wireless transmission ensures the reliability of data reading and writing; the non-contact mode reduces the management cost.

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