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Public transportation

Public transportation

2017/6/27 14:49:22

With the development of urban intelligent industry and the increasing needs of users, more and more people are aware of the the importance and urgency of realizing national city card all-in-one. Since the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development proposed the concept of establishing national city card interconnection, CARDLAN actively developed a set of urban bus payment system according to industry requirements and user needs, which integrated the bank PBOC payment function, NFC payment, WeChat and Alipay QR code payment and other payment methods, CARDLAN on-vehicle contactless payment terminal CL1306 has achieved the certificate of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development IC card service center.

Solution advantages

1. Speed up passengers’ on board efficiency,  reduce vehicle waiting time at each stop, accelerate vehicle circulation equal to reduce vehicle number.

2. Use IC card to replace monthly ticket, charge by times, make the transaction of two sides fair and reasonable.

3. Timely track of passenger traffic, scientific and reasonable scheduling can create benefits.

4. Unattended ticketing will save labor cost of cash counting staff.

5. Advertising revenue, IC card can print ads on both sides which can offset part of the card cost.

6. Card prepaid money can increase enterprise working capital.

7. Improve the service level of of public transport,meet  the goal of building an international city.

8. Facilitate the public, reduce social cash flow.

9. Fare charging and statistics comprehensively auto management, effectively plug up loopholes, and prevent the possible occurrence of managerial corruption and fake ticket.

10. IC card is safe, convenient and easy to carry,  can be repeatedly used for a long time.

11.IC card has a huge memory space which can be reserved for other field development and application to achieve all-in-one card function. Such as large enterprise internal operating system, staff can use the bus IC card for attendance, access control and food payment in canteen.

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