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Bus QR code card payment terminal supporting external meter

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Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. independently develops and produces the bus QR code card payment terminal to meet the needs of the external meter. In response to the problem of non-one-vote charging for public transportation, the external meter can charge passengers through the driver's manual button.


At present, there are two main methods for non-one-vote unmanned ticket buses: one is to fix the fixed section by fixed station, which causes some passengers to take a short distance but charge a long distance. The second method is to tap card twice when get on and off bus. But peak period is too crowded. Passengers can't get to front door to tap card when get on bus or forget to tap card when get off the bus. It will be deducted when the card is swiped next time, so it is not very reasonable.

   Bus QR code card payment terminal supporting external meter

Shenzhen Cardlan Bus QR Code Toll Terminal External Meter is suitable for the charging of long-distance bus “dynamic charging”. The charging is reasonable and easy to use, which overcomes the shortcomings of existing segmented billing. Recognized by many bus customers.


Shenzhen Cardlan secondary development bus validator, time-counting QR  code charging machine, support customer ordering function, Cardlan is producing bus QR code card charging terminal, wireless bus QR code card Machine, bus QR code punch card manufacturers, bus card readers at reasonable prices, serving the national bus customers.