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Intelligent binocular face recognition temperature measurement record system

Source:      2020/5/29 17:12:48      Clicks:

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development clearly stated that the school must ensure normal temperature-measuring equipment operation. The face recognition temperature measurement channel gate system adopted by each entrance and exit of the school not only meets the school's statistics on the number of people entering and leaving, but also meets the needs of temperature detection for people entering and leaving during special periods.
Campus face recognition gate system supports card tapping or automatic card swiping. It also supports identification methods such as face or ID cards, do not need to stay when passing. Non contact, just scan your face, avoid contact with the human body, cut off the new type of contact transmission method; the face temperature gate can not only control access, but also scan face attendance. The combination of face recognition and thermal image: while a person is scanning his face, measure whether the person's body temperature is normal, quickly investigate those with abnormal body temperature, and avoid cross infection. It integrates access, attendance, and body temperature screening to save labor costs and improve patient inspection efficiency during the epidemic, which is accurate and efficient.

The main highlights of CARDLAN recognition face recognition thermometer are as follows:

1. Non-contact body surface temperature detection within 1 second, rapid screening to avoid cross infection

2. Temperature measurement error ± 0.4 ℃ / indoor

3. Detection distance 0.3-0.5 meters

4. Voice alarm can be output on site after detecting over temperature

5. Can send short messages to the bus health administrator after detecting over temperature

6. Face + body temperature authentication, failed to pay after detecting over temperature.

7. The platform generates real-time temperature control face capture snapshots and reports in real time, at a glance to grasp the health information of all employees

6. Establish a basic health screening mechanism for public transport

7. It can provide data interfaces to other health management platforms to realize the linkage of big health data