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Factory produced face recognition temperature measurement alarm system

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The temperature measurement efficiency of frontal temperature gun is low, the passing speed is slow, and there is the possibility of cross infection. The manufacturer of automatic thermometer has become the hot spot of the market. The temperature measuring equipment is used in every place. The face recognition temperature measuring integrated machine independently developed and produced by Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. can be applied to the entrance and exit of every place. The contactless automatic management not only has accurate data, but also effectively avoids the risk of cross infection. The contactless management of the face recognition temperature measuring integrated machine has been welcomed by the public.

Face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine is widely used in the market and supports face temperature measurement. It can quickly identify and record unit / community / Airport / station personnel and foreign personnel, quickly measure temperature and record in and out time and statistical information.

    Factory produced face recognition temperature measurement alarm system

When abnormal body temperature is found, an alarm can be triggered and a visual data report can be automatically generated in the background to facilitate the unified management of the in and out personnel. High temperature measurement efficiency, non-contact infrared temperature measurement, response time 200ms, temperature measurement distance ≤ 1m, temperature repeatability ≤ 0.3 ℃, resolution 0.1 ℃, meet the needs of preliminary human temperature screening.

At present, the safety management of the entrances and exits of construction sites, communities, office buildings, enterprises, companies, schools and so on can use the face recognition temperature measuring integrated machine. The face recognition temperature measuring management system is mainly composed of the face registration management software, the face acquisition camera, the face verification and recognition terminal, which has the face registration, the face feature database management, the support for the input of the face image, the face verification and recognition, and the record Record management, face database parameter setting, access control permission, management permission setting and other functions, and provide corresponding software interface to support the docking and integration with the upper application system.


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