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Face recognition identity verification gates

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Yesterday, the editor and colleagues from Cardlan visited the manufacturing plant that produces and assembles pedestrian temperature detection wing gates and dynamic face recognition swing gates to learn the entire system from the characteristics  usage of parts and component to the software background system  data generation for detection management, and understand the product's high/low temperature resistance detection, service life, customer satisfaction, market demand, etc.; and facial recognition gates are commonly used in residential buildings , Campus, kindergarten, construction site, hospital, office building, gym and other access control systems.


The workshop supervisor also introduced the best saler face recognition swing gates in detail including the face recognition pass anti-collision swing gates, face recognition single-core wing gates, face recognition dual-core wing gates, turnstiles, each device has different characteristics for different use scene. From the aspect of hardware appearance , the face recognition passage gates are made of national standard 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion and oxidation resistance wear-resistant materials, all equipment wing gates are made of acrylic arm panels, which are safer and more environmentally friendly. Transparent, blue and red colors are avilable as the popular choice. In addition, it also has the advantages of precise fingerprint recognition, a stable performance access control smart motherboard, and the built-in high-precision chip recognition function, which can use the IC card of one person one card.

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