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Who produces the face recognition temperature measurement security door on the construction site

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Before workers enter the construction site, they must be detected by an intelligent face recognition temperature control system. After a few milliseconds, the face temperature measurement system records the worker's body temperature and attendance in the system. After passing the temperature measurement review, it will prompt "normal body temperature" and automatically open the gate to release. If it prompts "body temperature abnormal", the system function will automatically send a reminder, and the site administrator will execute the abnormal handling procedure. The face recognition and body temperature detection system greatly improves the efficiency of workers' screening, while reducing the number of false detection and missed detection, saving the cost of the construction site.


Face recognition access control temperature control system at the construction site, face recognition temperature measurement attendance management system in the factory area can use face recognition technology to authenticate employees and register real names. It can not only meet the daily needs of more accurate statistics of personnel access, but also meet the needs of employee health testing in special periods, and can also improve the company's brand image, so as to achieve the construction of smart office, to achieve smart management of construction sites and enterprises The real purpose of the.


What are the advantages of face recognition temperature measurement security door on the construction site?


The face recognition temperature measurement security door on the construction site can also upload employees' access control attendance and real-time body temperature information to the cloud management system. The person in charge carries out effective supervision and control, and at the same time improves the work efficiency of the construction workers, and ensures the progress and quality of daily construction.


At present, face recognition temperature measurement security gates have been applied in finance, retail, public safety, community and other fields.