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Vehicle face recognition toll collection machine, bus IC card all-in-one card system

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From the early popular public telephone IC cards to the commonly used financial IC cards, bus IC passenger cards, SIM calling cards, they have grown substantially in 10 years, and are widely distributed in medical institutions, residential communities, tourism services, Shopping malls, financial UnionPay, campus management and other subdivisions, some friends left a message to the editor and said that they want to know about our Card Union Smart City card technology and application fields? Today, I will talk to you about the technical common sense of the smart city card.

Cardlan, presumably everyone is very familiar with it, yes, it is the full range of all-in-one card products: corporate bus face recognition management system, such as bus on-board charging system, bus IC card system of China inductive IC card system Technology enterprise, and obtained the production license of IC card all-in-one card system. As an industry pioneer in the field of smart city all-in-one card research and development, Cardlan has resources in various fields such as campus all-in-one card, enterprise all-in-one card, and public transportation all-in-one card; for example, we aim at the enterprise all-in-one card and integrate the identification system and the modularization of the sign-in management system. Design and incorporate the big data operation system to realize the intelligent mode of one card with multiple functions. Through its own software and hardware functions, the integrated authorized inductive IC card can meet the needs of daily attendance, entry and exit gates, food consumption, entertainment facilities and other aspects.

In addition, the public transportation card is automatically transmitted to the IC card management system by the on-board face recognition terminal through the IC card sales point, and then collected on the big data service platform for unified storage and management. In summary, these are the scientific research results obtained by Card Union after decades of continuous exploration and innovation according to industry requirements and user needs. You can contact the editor at any time if you have any ideas and order needs. Finally, thank you again for your Our trust and support.