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Automatic identification door type safety detection thermometer

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The high-speed railway stations and airports all use the door-type security monitoring thermometer, the identification check and temperature measurement access door. Don’t underestimate this door. The automatic face recognition security gate has no jamming phenomenon in the operation of such a huge crowd. As usual, the operation effectiveness of these high-efficiency monitoring equipment can not be hindered. It can also work smoothly and continuously, with an accuracy rate of 99.9%.

Automatic identification door type safety detection thermometer

  The flow of people in these places is large and the personnel situation is complicated, but it has not stumped our core R&D personnel for the face recognition

intelligent temperature measurement and security gate of Cardlan. Through their own hard-core experience, they have overcome difficulties and kept pace with the times. Technological breakthroughs, and a series of automatic identification and detection temperature door products are produced as scheduled. Many styles meet the actual use needs of different scenarios. Usually people can automatically identify and detect within half a meter of the pass temperature door for face verification inspection. it is equipped with LED light sensor alarm, real-time data detection display screen, showing its leading sense of technology, adjustable height, automatic face recognition, security check door frame, adapt to different places, and also adapt to some special environments such as strong light, backlight, and low light.If I am wearing a mask, will the data be inaccurate when I approach the face recognition sensor temperature measurement security gate in this case? What I want to tell you is that, take our new CL-N101 infrared human body temperature security gate, first bind the personnel’s identity information, immediately confirm the personnel information and perform temperature detection, and give an early warning if there is an abnormality. Fast processing. In addition, even in the event of a power outage, the human body recognition body temperature detection security door can still work normally for several hours, and the installation or disassembly is very convenient and quick.

If you use Cardlan Face Recognition Door type Security Detection Thermometer and other face recognition temperature measurement card swiping terminal devices, you can enjoy on-site installation, technical support and other after-sales services. You can always contact our manufacturer's service hotline for related consultation.