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Advantages of integrated temperature and temperature meter

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A menacing new crown pneumonia virus swept across the country, and a concerted effort to fight the epidemic also warmed this severe winter. The front line medical staff fought hard day and night, resumed production and resumed work in many places, public transportation, crowded crowds, how to reduce contact as much as possible during travel, and reduce the way of virus transmission, became the worry of the general public, and became a Difficulties in front of public transport managers. Here, it is recommended that the UnionPay bus face recognition charging and temperature measurement all-in-one machine can measure the temperature without contact, and use face recognition or mobile phone scan code to complete the payment.

Advantages of integrated temperature and temperature meter

UnionPay Bus Face Recognition Charging and Temperature Measuring Machine is a charging terminal that supports multiple payment methods. On the one hand, it takes into account the consumption habits of young and old passengers, and retains the IC card swipe function. On the other hand, it adapts to the development of the times. The code and face recognition payment service, in addition to the payment function, has developed smoothly in the times and has the function of temperature measurement.

Scanning code is more important in today's special period. In the past, it was necessary to take out the change or bus card prepared in advance. During this period, touching objects is likely to cause virus transmission. If scan code payment and face recognition fees are used, the entire payment process can be completed without touching public objects, reducing the risk of spreading.

The prevention and control of the epidemic depends on you and me. When you pay for the car, you do not forget to scan the code, register the information, and measure the temperature of the human body against pneumonia. For more than ten years of research and development and production of bus toll machine manufacturers, UnionPay Technology has brought a sense of security to users and stayed with everyone to welcome the dawn of the victory of the epidemic.