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Bus Validator: Famous Brand qr all in one terminal

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Bus validator, I have been in the public bus card swipe machine brand manufacturer Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. for several years. I have been called by my new post-90s colleague Uncle. Guys, I recognize that I am a enthusiast for bus card machines for card readers and coders, and we are witnessing the arrival of the face fare bus validator.

Bus Validator

Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2000 in Shenzhen Longgang District.We specialize in manufacturing high-quality bus POS systems, fare collection POS systems, urban all-in-one card systems, intelligent internet information systems and other RFID systems. Cardlan has done so many kinds of project in foreign countries, such as Myanmar, Cambodia, United Kingdom, Chile, Zimbabwe, Thailand, United States, Tajikistan, Dubai, Russia, Mongolia, Ukraine...

Cardlan also passed explosion-proof certification, ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, CE certification, waterproof and dust-proof testing, FCC testing, ESD testing, EMV testing, etc., the company has obtained more than 100 patents and intellectual property rights, and have gained high reputation all around the world.

In the second half of 2019, Cardlan's face recognition bus card payment machine has officially launched and has been highly praised by bus companies. Looking forward to your participation!