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Kindergarten face recognition temperature measurement gate

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          Kindergarten face recognition temperature measurement gate, school brush face and body temperature integrated gate

In China, the resumption of work school and resumption of production are being carried out. The national resumption of work has reached about 98%. The school is waiting to open at the right time, but the epidemic prevention work can not be relaxed. The campus must be equipped with a face recognition and body temperature measurement gate or other measurement equipment.

From kindergarten to university is a place where people are concentrated, so the number of consultations on face recognition temperature and temperature gates in kindergarten and integrated face gate temperature brushing in middle schools has increased significantly, indicating that the school attaches great importance to epidemic prevention and control .


CARDLAN is also involved in assisting the resumption of school, and has invested a lot of money in research and development of face recognition temperature barrier devices for kindergartens and middle schools. The device mainly includes module functions: intelligent face recognition system, intelligent voice announcement, external LED control information, effective fingerprint recognition, remote control viewing and modification, integrated multi-purpose multimedia teaching, exclusive official website of the network platform, etc. During face attendance, the body temperature is detected at the same time, and the attendance is attached to the body temperature table. Afterwards, you can view the records and generate an export report. When the body temperature is higher than the "warning temperature", the warning information is pushed. WeChat obtains relevant student information simultaneously.


Welcome to kindergarten, junior high school, high school, university and other related schools that have not installed face recognition temperature measurement gates to consult the school's face brushing and temperature integrated gate equipment.