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Qr code reader and fare collection machine

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In the transportation field, the popularization of qr scanning payment is far exceeds the imagination of the citizens. Now when we get on the bus, the back-end system will deduct the fare by identifying the payment code of the mobile phone. Shenzhen Cardlan Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in bus toll terminals. To be more precise, the smart card toll scanner for card scanning is a smart toll collection system, which mainly includes mainstream toll collection methods. Face recognition and more.

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The qr code bus fare developed by Shenzhen Cardlan Co., Ltd. and the one-card machine support multi-function deduction. The model has a simple appearance and high configuration. It supports two-dimensional qr code, standard cards of the Ministry of Construction, interconnection cards of the Ministry of Transport, and quick payment. Card, citizen card of each city, supports real-time payment, and also supports offline transactions.


After years of continuous upgrading, the urban bus credit card charging system produced by Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. has changed from a manned ticket vending machine (bus coin slot machine) to an unmanned ticket vending system (IC card credit card payment, card payment machine) system to today's mobile phone scan code payment. From semi-manual collection of ticket sales information to fully automated collection, it has become increasingly sophisticated.


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