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CARDLAN face recognition temperature measurement access

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CARDLAN face recognition temperature measurement access control security inspection integrated machine integrates face recognition and real-time temperature measurement, and the single person recognition does not exceed 0.3s, realizing real senseless passage. Real-time temperature display, strict control of epidemic situation, and help enterprises resume work safely

Face recognition temperature measurement access control machine security is the combination of three functions: face recognition plus human body temperature measurement plus metal security door. The nature of its work is that people perform body temperature detection and face recognition before passing metal security screening.

CARDLAN has merged infrared temperature measurement with a pass-through metal detection security door. In front of the metal security door, infrared human body temperature measurement is performed first, and a sound alarm is issued to indicate abnormal body temperature. Schools, hospitals, electronics companies, ports, passenger stations, exhibition halls, conference centers, major celebrations, concerts and other important places.


CARDLAN face recognition temperature measurement access control security inspection machine triggers an alarm when a person with abnormal body temperature is found, and automatically generates a visual data report in the background to facilitate unified management of entry and exit personnel, so that the epidemic can be traced and analyzed. High temperature measurement efficiency, non-contact infrared temperature measurement, response time 200ms, temperature measurement distance ≤ 1m, temperature measurement repeatability ≤ 0.3 ℃, resolution 0.1 ℃, to meet the needs of human body temperature screening