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Face recognition automatic temperature measurement

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Your face is becoming more and more valuable, which is mainly reflected in daily communication. For example, smart homes and urban public facilities have widely popularized facial recognition equipment, for example  bus face recognition reader and campus temperature and security check entrance barriers, the all-in-one machine for the entrance and exit control of the community, company face recognition access control system, shuttle bus temperature measurement and code scanning device have already entered our sight and provided great convenience to our lives.

Face recognition automatic temperature measurement

There are many manufacturers of face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one products. According to an authoritative organization’s application scenario survey of intelligent identification security inspection equipment and facilities, Shenzhen Cardlan is a well-known high-tech brand enterprise in the industry in the research and development of face recognition and temperature detection terminal systems. The founder started research and layout in this area as early as 20 years ago. At the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, he formed a huge intelligent IC card. R&D technicians, more than one hundred patent certificates, continuous innovation and development, continuous acquisition of various qualification certificates issued by the state, continuous development of market share, multi-scene, multi-style face recognition temperature measurement and code scanning terminal products , Serving customers with integrity in many fields in various countries around the world, we have developed specially-made facial recognition temperature measurement terminal equipment for special scene needs. Based on the industry for more than 20 years, we have always led the industry to open up new journeys, unswervingly promote a new height in the industry.

With the large-scale application of face recognition technology, it has accelerated the arrival of the era of the whole generation, and we need to participate together to create a harmonious and safe and convenient life. The face recognition and temperature measurement and scanning code terminal manufacturers Cardlan welcome everyone to consult.