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Intelligent bus QR code scanning machine BS remote upgrade bus card machine

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With the iterative upgrade of the scanning code payment method, the traffic fare payment that have arisen based on the scanning code payment have ushered in the glory of the times. Its development and growth have brought the advantages of “Internet + public travel” to the extreme, leading to a major change in the traditional way of charging. The application of scan code payment in public transportation charges brings convenient payment methods to the public, refreshing the public's inherent awareness of traditional IC card charges or manual cash charges, and improving the efficiency and enthusiasm of public public travel. The emergence of the scanning code card-integrating machine is a major innovation in the form of traditional bus charging.

The scanning code charging method has been widely used in many fields due to its advantages of simple application, convenience and speed. Due to different application scenarios, the requirements for the terminal program are also the same. According to the business needs, the application program of the card compatible terminal equipment is quickly updated, and the remote upgrade of the car credit card machine is a concern of the customer.

The technicians of Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. believe that the terminal program update of the traditional bus card machine needs to disassemble the original equipment, which is easy to damage the circuit board, and the update process is cumbersome and has a large loss.

Shenzhen Cardlan intelligent bus scan code scanning machine, support BS remote upgrade, through the wireless network, with strong operability, can effectively extend the life cycle of the card reader terminal, while improving performance and reducing costs. It has the advantages of low hardware requirements, low maintenance and upgrade costs, and convenience.