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Pedestrian passage temperature detection wing gate

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Aiming at the field of campus protection, our Cardlan has also developed a kindergarten children’s facial recognition temperature measurement gate, which is composed of five parts: pedestrian gate, dynamic face machine, LED screen, infrared temperature measurement, and ID card. The face recognition and identity verification barrier machine also has the specific function of information push. Parents pay attention to the school’s WeChat public account in advance and successfully bind the child’s identity information, the parent can accept the child’s entry at any time School leaving time and other information, therefore, the official account can be pushed to the mobile devices of parents, teachers and principals, which can be grasped at any time, and monitored in real time through background management. This also solves the pain points that parents and schools have long worried about the safety of students on campus , So our kindergarten face recognition swing gate is designed to give children better care.



Cardlan face detection channel gate access control system conducts real-name identity verification. Face collection and recognition opens the gate, and screens trailing strangers through unique fingerprint recognition and face verification and recognition, and monitors the alarm in real time. Intelligent management and control to prevent abnormal potential dangers. In addition, you can freely choose one-way or multi-way traffic. The high-definition screen is equipped with 2 million pixels, and the face is clearly visible. It also has the function of supplementing light in low-light environments.


In general, this face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machine not only has the characteristics of stable transmission operation, low consumption, smart chips, and good performance, but also supports campus systems and external LED screen functions. Nowadays, under the broad market prospects , It is such a dynamic face recognition temperature measurement gate switch that has become the first choice for thousands of customers. If you have any questions, please contact the editor for answers.