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An intelligent temperature measurement system installed on the bus will give an alarm if the body temperature is abnormal or the mask is not worn

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After boarding the bus, perform a face scan in front of the instrument. If there is abnormal body temperature or no mask is worn, the machine will send an alarm signal. In order to effectively implement the anti-epidemic requirements of "foreign defense input, internal defense", the transportation department of Chancheng District installed a total of 116 vehicles on 7 key bus lines connecting Foshan West Railway Station and Guangzhou South Railway Station. The anti-epidemic means of public transportation is intelligent and precise.


Yesterday, the Transportation Bureau of Chancheng District invited a media group to go to the bus terminal of the railway station to experience it. The reporter boarded the G12 bus that stopped at the station and stood 50 cm away from the machine. Soon, the machine showed a green interface, indicating that the body temperature was normal, and read the body temperature "36.2 degrees Celsius". The media group randomly arranged a person to take off the mask and hold a cup of warm water on the head to scan again-"Please wear a mask"; "40 degrees Celsius, abnormal body temperature!" I saw the interface turned red and the machine was warning At the same time, the warning sound was continuously released.

 An intelligent temperature measurement system

According to the person in charge of the system development company, this system is a product customized for the bus after the outbreak. "The machine uses infrared scanning detection technology combined with face recognition technology to recognize the face's automatic temperature measurement as soon as the passenger gets on the vehicle. The test results will be broadcast within 1 second. If the person does not wear a mask or the body temperature is abnormal, a voice alarm will be issued." Introduction.


Yesterday, as soon as the public boarded the G12 bus, the temperature measurement system automatically measured the temperature. The whole process only took 1 to 2 seconds. / Foshan Daily reporter Fu Shihe photo



"This machine has been running on the G12 line for more than a week, and the effect is very good." Ye Haoquan, the monitor of the G12 line of the bus, said that passengers have cooperated with face temperature measurement for a week, and said this measure is very user-friendly. Ms. Lu, a citizen who took the bus, also said: "It is very convenient to measure the temperature in this way, and it is also more reassuring and at ease to travel by bus."



With the deepening of the resumption of production and production in Chancheng District, the bus lines in the area have all been restored and the average daily passenger flow is close to 200,000 passengers. The overall epidemic prevention pressure of the bus system is constantly rising, and the risks are increasing. The person in charge of the Traffic Information Management Section and the Public Transport Management Section of the Transportation Bureau of Chancheng District introduced that the hand-held thermometer was distributed to some line buses in the early stage, but the hand-held thermometer was inefficient, affecting the speed of vehicles entering and leaving the station and increasing driver labor. Intensity, it is difficult to meet the needs of epidemic detection under the growth of bus passenger flow. "Foshan West Railway Station and Guangzhou South Railway Station are the important bayonet of" foreign defense input ". It is very important to connect vehicles on this part of the bus line." The person in charge said that at present, 158,165, Foshan West Railway Station and Guangzhou South Railway Station are connected. A total of 116 bus temperature measurement systems on lines 100, K3, K6, G5, and G12 have been basically put into use. After the system early warning, the relevant personnel are handled according to the epidemic prevention and control mechanism.



The relevant person in charge of Chancheng District Transportation Bureau said that Chancheng District Transportation Bureau has always focused on the strategic goal of "traffic strong area". In addition to strengthening the anti-epidemic measures of public transportation vehicles, it also trains and learns through online and offline training, and sets up VR safety experience halls. In other ways, actively explore the use of more scientific and technological means, and continue to build a big safetysystem for transportation in Chancheng.



In this epidemic prevention and control battle, since January 22, the Transportation Bureau of Chancheng District has deployed epidemic prevention and control work in major traffic stations, and has successively worked at Foshan Railway Station, Foshan Bus Station, and Yueyun Automobile. Stations, Shiwan Bus Station and Guangfo Subway (Chancheng Section) set up joint quarantine stations, and also set up body temperature monitoring posts in bus stations in key business districts and crowded areas in the district. As of April 6, 333,068 passengers have been tested in each station.