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code scanning and credit card machine manufacturers

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The two-day college entrance examination is almost over. As the summer vacation approaches, large cities will gradually have a large number of people from various small and medium-sized cities influx into large cities and cities that are relatively livable for tourism. For this reason, the editor hereby specially reminds friends to not worry too much about personal safety in traffic travel, even in large-traffic people, because our face recognition temperature measurement smart terminal and smart card swipe card recognition Quick payment terminals and bus face-scanning temperature measurement scan code toll collection machines have been put into use in many cities in China. In order to make it easier for everyone to check, the editor specially sorted out the provinces of our new bus advertising screens, face-scanning temperature measurement scan code payment terminals The delivery situation is for your reference.


As the number of domestic bus company customers that have long-term cooperation with Cardlan shares reached more than 300, the editor announced the information of some of the customers who mainly use the bus face temperature measurement and scanning code toll machine, such as Jiangxi, Meitan, Genda, City bus companies such as Fengning, Fushun, Yichang, Lijiang, Wenshan, Yuxi, Chaohu, Tongliao, Guanghan, Mianzhu, etc. are all activated card-linked public bus face-scanning temperature and scanning code charging systems; passengers do not need to forget to bring their own There are tens of millions of Chinese netizens who worry about changing money by car. We only need to swipe our face or use the mobile phone QR code, IC card, UnionPay card, etc. that we carry with us.

Nowadays, people have great demands for green and healthy travel. Therefore, our original intention for developing a payment terminal for bus advertising screens, face reading, temperature measurement, and scanning code scanning is to consider everyone’s own safety and security, and truly meet people’s daily needs. Starting from demand, we will create high-quality products to serve the public's long-cherished dreams, forge ahead and create greater glories.