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bus segment charging temperature measurement scanning card machine

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Bus high-definition electronic screen face scanning temperature measurement scanner, bus segment charging temperature measurement scanning card machine

Technology continues to change lives, and it is a manifestation of the promotion of social civilization. Various industries in China’s four major first-tier cities are also the first to install facial recognition, temperature measurement, code scanning and card swiping machines this year, such as people who get in the car when citizens take public transportation The face recognition card swiping terminal product is a new product developed by Cardlan. It can not only measure the body temperature of passengers, but also have its own sensor lights to indicate health conditions, payment success or failure, and no driver intervention is required throughout the process. It can also quickly complete the temperature measurement, swiping card and scanning code payment to avoid problems such as passenger crowding.

bus segment charging temperature measurement scanning card machine

At present, the latest research and development model CL-A818, CL-A0618 of the bus fast face-sweeping and temperature-measurement charging machine of the card company is beautiful and unique in appearance, combined with the card company’s user data management cloud platform based on big data technology and cloud computing , Which greatly reduces the input cost of the user company, improves the operational efficiency, and realizes the security, intelligence and informationization of operation management. Not only are a large number of domestic first-tier cities put into use, but also countless customers abroad. For example: Ukraine in the east of Europe, the Kingdom of Cambodia in the Indochina Peninsula, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Arabian Peninsula in southwest Asia. Card Union shares the leading research and development of face recognition bus credit card machine, IC card bus face temperature measurement and charging machine. Now many friends who study abroad or go abroad can experience the independent research and development of nationally certified high-tech enterprises from the motherland. Face recognition bus temperature measurement card reader, smart city bus scan code all-in-one card terminal products.

The size of the enterprise is the size of the stage. It is the vision of a craftsman company to focus on research and development, strictly control production, and serve everyone in the world with high-quality products. The vision of an artisan company lies in the card terminal product of the smart city bus scan code. Nowadays, it is applied in various parts of the world, just for people to travel more safely and conveniently, and to have a better life. Finally, the editor welcomes friends to come to our official website to consult and place orders.