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CL-A0618 New Bus Validator has passed CE Certification

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In order to improve the quality of our company's bus fare collection equipment for international market products, CL-A0618, a scanning code bus fare collection machine of the company, has been tested by the EU CE certification institution and passed the measurement of various indicators. CE certification, obtained a sales pass to enter the European Union market. This marks that the CL-A0618 products independently developed and produced by the company have reached the EU directive requirements and have achieved full integration with European and international standards.

CE-certified CL-A0618 products are a commitment of consumers to consumers, increasing the level of consumer trust in the company's products. Domestic and overseas general-purpose scanning code bus car card terminal, CL-A0618 intelligent charging terminal main functions are wireless communication, GPS positioning, IC card reading, electronic payment, balance inquiry.

CL-A0618 is a star product of the company, a newly designed card module and a carefully optimized new generation of QR code scanner. The machine is compact, sleek and has excellent operating performance. Full support: Alipay, WeChat and other third-party financial platform payment; UnionPay flash card; bus merchant APP QR code; compatible with existing non-contact IC card; existing mobile phone NFC and other domestic payment methods, so that end users can calmly Choose a variety of payment methods and pay for a safe ride.