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school thermography body temperature screening manufacturer

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Which manufacturer of infrared thermal imaging temperature screening system is better? Is this a difficult question to answer? What measures of good and bad technology are used? Open to see the code? Or take a look at a chip? In fact, the good or bad is still felt in the process of customer use.


Now many schools, hospitals, enterprises or other public places have already installed thermal imaging temperature screening system equipment and hand held patrol screening thermometers. You and I all know that the current global epidemic is prevalent, and temperature screening is a manpower In the face of large passenger flow, it is almost impossible to measure one by one manually, and one by one is almost impossible. In the face of such a crisis, a batch of innovative products have emerged. Now we call infrared thermal imaging temperature sieve Checking the system is also one of them, is it the same reason as a hero in troubled times.


Infrared thermal imaging temperature screening system is mainly to solve the difficult work of temperature screening in large passenger flow scenes. It can identify which person's temperature exceeds the standard from the large crowd through the thermal imaging temperature sensor, so that the next step can be done .

Facing the epidemic of the global pandemic, the UnionPay team has not been a bystander and will never be a bystander. At the beginning of our Chinese epidemic, the UnionPay team has organized a scientific research team to fully develop infrared thermal imaging temperature screens Checking the system equipment is currently mature, and it is on the market as scheduled, which is highly favored and affirmed by customers.



         Cardlan launched infrared thermal imaging temperature screening system equipment mainly for customers, schools, factories, properties, buildings, etc. Although the peak of the epidemic in China has receded, we must not be taken lightly and paralyzed, and we cannot let the situation continue to improve A reversal has occurred, allowing all parties to give up their hard work before giving up. Therefore, UnionPay will continue to strive for the improvement and improvement of infrared thermal imaging temperature screening system equipment technology.