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Wide range of applications of face infrared temperature measurement secondary development

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There are so many occasions in demand of face temperature measurement machine such as schools, factory,hospital and enterprise,resident community,supermarket etc. Before people enter into the prescribed places, the system will verify the peoples identity to guarantee it is the same person as the picture and next will go for infrared temperature measurement and quick record all visits identity and temperature.

Different occasions have different advantages during using the face infrared temperature measurement machine, Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co.,Ltd. Can provide hardware with SDK kit for secondary development, Customers can customize the functions and applications as they want as per their needs.


Face infrared temperature measurement device can be widely used.
The financial industry mainly uses the face thermometer to link the access control system, which has the functions of attendance, tail gate, Treasury gate, etc. in the education system, it is mainly used for the identification of examinations and the management of dormitory access control.

Access control and attendance are also needed in the government industry. In some judicial organs and the military, it can also play a good role in management, such as the management of weapons warehouse access control or access control management in some key areas.



It can also be found from the above fields that the device can be used safely in many fields, but when we understand it, we need to see how to make the system play a better role. It can also be found that a good system can bring many benefits in the management process.