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Infrared door frame type thermometer

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It has been rainy for a whole spring,finally come to sunny days declare the summer is coming.

Time went by so fast, it is July already, it was rainy in summer in Shenzhen, but Shenzhen people did not slack in fighting the epidemic. Every office building or school will be installed with a door-type thermal imaging thermometer, that is, an infrared door-type thermometer. Everyone's body temperature should be within a reasonable range to ensure the best protection against the epidemic.




The door thermal imaging thermometer, that is, the stability and accuracy of the infrared door thermometer is very important. Under normal circumstances, it is plus or minus 0.3 degrees Celsius. Such a product uses infrared thermal imaging to achieve remote temperature measurement. Function, the thermometer has two display forms, the first is a door frame type, mainly used in hospitals, subways, campuses, office buildings, communities, etc. The second is a flat-panel thermometer, mainly used in campus barriers Above the machine equipment, or above the shelf of the floor-standing thermometer.

Cardlan shares portal thermal imaging thermometer (ie, infrared door frame thermometer) will always have sufficient inventory, complete qualifications in all aspects, such as: CE, PDA. Welcome friends who need to export portal thermal imaging thermometers overseas to visit us for small talk. Judging from the current global pandemic situation, it is very difficult to wipe out the virus in a short period of time. Many experts predict that this virus will exist forever. They want to find a solution to the virus and humans. Therefore, the door-type thermal imaging thermometer (ie, the infrared door-frame type thermometer) is also a small assistant of the anti-epidemic equipment.


Shenzhen Cardlan Co., Ltd. door-type thermal imaging thermometer (ie infrared door frame type thermometer) is completed in a team with strong R&D capabilities. Many R&D personnel come from BAT and lead the development of this temperature measurement project. Therefore, We firmly believe that the quality of the door-type thermal imaging thermometer of Cardlan shares is adequately guaranteed.