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Data processing of bus face recognition scan code payment

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Since the establishment of Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd., with more than 20 years of smart city bus scan code card terminal advanced research and development technology innovation products launched on the market, Cardlan face temperature measurement scan code card swiping machine, face recognition bus card swiping machine, bus face swiping Products such as temperature measuring and tolling machines are leading the industry to make strides towards a smarter and more convenient technological life. For example, take the most representative bus face recognition and quick payment credit card machines in major cities at home and abroad. In more than 650 cities, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way after you get in the car and scan the QR code to pay. Do you know how powerful the backing is behind the easy payment of the car by scanning your face and scanning the code in the car? Everyone, please look down.

First of all, let’s take a look at the system components: computer, on-board toll machine, card issuance and recharge machine, authorization card, bus card and other hardware. The editor will focus on the on-board toll machine, which is what we come into contact with when riding a car. The face temperature measurement card swiping toll machine installed at the bus entrance records the consumption data of countless passengers from different places every day. These transaction records will enter the six pre-prepared storage areas, and each area will be collected by the system. Re-store consumption data and work in a continuous cycle. The data is transmitted from the SIM card that comes with itself using the current 4G network to the server of the management platform for real-time integration. Not only that, because of our bus face recognition, quick payment and swiping card The machine is equipped with the module transmission function that can be combined with wireless WIFI, so the data transmission processing can also be completed in this way.

Having said these knowledge points about the public transportation system, everyone must have a better understanding of our face recognition bus credit card machine, bus face temperature measurement toll machine and other toll machines. Therefore, the follow-up editor will continue to bring you more Please come to the official website of Cardlan to inquire and place an order.