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Rapid screening Human body identification temperature measurement terminal can support secondary development

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Recently, face recognition temperature measurement devices used in many places across the country have aroused widespread concern. Millisecond temperature measurement, nonstop inspection, no queuing to work, non contact temperature measurement, and you can quickly "face to punch" with a mask. Face temperature measurement terminal, face recognition rapid screening, widely used in factories, schools, buses, enterprises, parks, intelligent temperature measurement and other places.

  Face temperature measurement terminal

CARDLAN face recognition temperature measurement terminal adapt the technology of facial recognition + infrared temperature measurement technology, which can accurately track people with abnormal body temperature, and can quickly identify without removing the mask, which improves the efficiency of passage and reduces the risk of cross-infection. This intelligent temperature measurement pass system can quickly detect the body temperature of the person passing in front of the lens, and can also perform attendance punching, even if wearing a mask, it can record the temperature and access information of the identified person, which is convenient for enterprise management.

CARDLAN intelligent face recognition temperature measurement system adopts infrared thermal imaging, AI facial recognition and big data technologies to collect relevant information, identity information and body temperature through a temperature-sensing camera system combined with face recognition and thermal imaging body temperature detection. Form a data report for the marched person. The passing speed reaches 4 persons per second, the temperature measurement accuracy reaches ± 0.3 ℃, and the success rate is high.

When the intelligent face recognition temperature measurement system detects abnormal body temperature, it will automatically send an alarm. "For example, in areas with dense crowds such as airports, railway stations, subways, etc., relying on this intelligent AI temperature measurement and passage system can realize rapid body temperature detection without the need to queue up and stay, increasing the efficiency of peers. The instrument can automatically retrieve the passenger avatar, lock the forehead area for multi-point temperature measurement, and use the voice to report the passenger's health to the driver.

Quickly complete temperature measurement even when there are many people to avoid passenger congestion; in factories, parks, companies, etc., where temperature measurement or personnel information confirmation is required, the face temperature measurement system can also relieve staff pressure at the entrance of the campus, the face recognition temperature measurement system can help the school quickly identify students with abnormal body temperature and track and locate it to ensure the safety of teachers and students.