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Cardlan city bus pos machine support qr code reader

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At this April, I went to one of my friends home in Guangzhou to celebrate birthday party. I booked the train ticket at the early morning and arrival at Guangzhou station, When i am queuing at the bus front door, Surprised to find the bus has installed Cardlan face recognition temperature detection bus validator, it can automatically recognize passengers face and detect human body temperature with broadcast. This new upgrade function is more mobility and safer in this special situation.

 The passenger in front of me is still wearing a mask during temperature detection, the accuracy is the same as put off the mask, it is obviously more precise and accurate than traditional manual forehead temperature gun.

Cardlan city bus pos machine support qr code reader

The detected temperature data will display on the LCD screen in real time.

All these information will be upload to cloud based server and accumulate into reports as a result, this way will highly improve bus operator companies work efficiency.

Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co.,Ltd started from 2006 till now always focusing on intelligent city card payment system for public transportation. From the previous card payment to QR code scan payment and now face recognition payment, we kept innovating and developing, At future we will launch out more and more high end smart face payment products to better service human beings.

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